YoungGuns is an award show for young creatives, many of whom have yet to win their first award. We called these creatives ‘Award Show Virgins’. Our job was to remind them to enter their work so YoungGuns can give them their very first award show experience.


Our solution was to show the true feelings of 3 award show virgins with an interactive online musical theatre production. This musical had 3 acts featuring Alex Bogusky, David Droga and Lee Clow, and a finale with a twist ending that any frustrated young creative could relate to. Users could interact with the actual performances, and even submit their own advice to the virgins. An online gallery of user submissions, links to the print campaign, music video teaser and an interview with Bogusky, Droga and Clow deepened the experience and encouraged young creatives to enter their work into YoungGuns.

 Submission Video
 Full Performance