Launch and establish Koodo Mobile as the smart alternative to take a leadership position in the value wireless category in Canada. The offer was a stripped down approach to mobility without email, TV or music. Talk and text – that’s it. With both pre-packaged combos and plans you can build yourself, Koodo offers consumers the chance to pay for only what they need and want.


The warm-up phase began with a two-week tease to seed the brand and its vibrant colours, and to hint at the workout to come. When the launch was in market full-force, all of Canada’s major cities were swarmed by men and women in spandex (Koodo-cisers, if you will), working out on billboards, buses, television, and a long list of ambient environments. In all cases, consumers were encouraged to “flatten system access fees,” “reduce bill bulge,” and check out “the cure for that mobility muffin top.” The agency created the Koodo brand from inception to launch which allowed the campaign idea to be carried through into packaging, the retail environment, the website and even to a fake infomercial done in the best of ’80s style. With our media partners at Media Experts, we landed on a media strategy of connecting with our target where they “live, work, or play.” Knowing that we wouldn’t have the money to blanket the city the same way as our competition could, we chose to hit our largely urban target during different stages of their day, thus amplifying our message and achieving a frequency disproportionate to our spend.


Finally, every consumer touch point perfectly echoed the brand’s tone and feel – from the – from the phones’ packaging and user interface to the kiosk design and point of sale materials and even the call centre’s on-hold music. Koodo delivered a wholly integrated brand experience. For competitive reasons we, unfortunately, can’t disclose any results. But ask a friend – fat-free mobility is sweeping the nation.