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the brief

Smart Set is a fashion brand that wished to reposition itself as a Do-it-yourself fashion toolbox in order to be more in tune with 20-something women, an audience used to customize everything, thus spontaneously play with clothing items to create different looks.


Produced entirely in stop-motion, is a site that allows women to express their personal fashion sense and illustrate the versatility of Smart Set clothing by positioning items as functional tools, structured in cubes that enable women to express their varying moods simply by flipping and turning cubes at whim. In playing with fashion, women unleash creative miniature universes that express different moods and moments in their life and unlock applications, music and content that they can download and share with friends.


In just three weeks:

  • The site resonated with women: 3 min. 25 sec. time spent (nearly double industry average)
  • Women turned cubes to play with fashion: 155,119 cube rotations (288% interaction rate)
  • Women watched imagination unfold: 43,623 video plays (31% conversion rate)
  • Women also posted content elsewhere: 11% of Smart Stuff users downloaded content for personal use; 4,787 video views across Internet sites posted by users