MICROSITE (Click to enlarge)

All campaign tactics were leading towards the microsite, where women had the opportunity to interact with the brand to better understand its full side effects.

Upon entering the site – the entrance to which is a woman’s living room - women are asked to choose from one of four Reversa anti-aging products: UV Anti-Wrinkle Cream, UV Anti-Spot Lightening Cream, Skin Smoothing Cream, and Corrective Night Cream.  Each product has a character assigned to it, a plumber, fireman, gardener and chef, all, of whom of course, are young and good-looking.  She is then presented with an option, for example, the gardener has just finished trimming the bushes, she then is able to choose another function for him to perform, such as clean the windows, mow the lawn or recite a poem.  Her choice is followed by a short video featuring the attractive man performing the selected action. A total of 12 short videos are featured on the site.