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Campaign Description

Amp’d Mobile wanted to communicate that there’s more stuff in an Amp’d phone, with hundreds of content partners and millions of hours of content. A great way to illustrate this was with something else that’s packed with sweet goodness – a piñata. So we developed a site where Users are invited to pound a huge phone-shaped piñata. When it opens, anything and everything falls out – from bullriders to chickens. And to add to the fun, a Mariachi band provides a festive, genre-bending soundtrack. It’s edgy, random, and engages an entertainment-starved audience while showing the breadth of the Amp’d offering.


Click “view microsite” to view microsite. After loading sequence, your cursor becomes a stick. Click to start pounding the piñata. Be sure to check out all the Mariachi musical styles by clicking the signs above them. Or, try turning the sound off to see their reaction.

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