Campaign Description

MINI is loaded with features that make it a premier winter drive. However, because of its size, it isnít often given credit for its winter handling. MINI Canada wanted to change that perception. So, we created the Winter Worst Case Scenarios handbook, a site that showcased the bests and worsts of winter driving based on features of the MINI. For example, click on the anti-lock brakes (standard on MINI) section of the book and youíd see a narrated segment featuring actual video footage of the MINI easily stopping on the winter roads. After that, however, youíd see a how different life could be without anti-lock brakes with typically humourous MINI-style animations. We canít swear youíll end up getting knocked up by a Yeti just because you donít have anti-lock brakes. But why take that chance?


Click any tab in the book to begin the best case scenario video (Automatic Stability Control, for example). When thatís completed, a worst case scenario will automatically play out.

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