Campaign Description

MINI has made several new advancements designed to reduce its environmental impact and increase its efficiency. On a global scale, MINI wanted us to highlight each of these technologies in a simple, innovative, and of course, efficient way. Hence, MINIMALISM: An efficient and minimal microsite that provides users with a waste-free experience and lets them learn about the MINI in the amount of time they have available, right down to the second. After selecting a feature, users are then treated to a series of different vignettes Ė ranging from 60 seconds right down to one Ė that explain these complex technologies using minimal and entertaining animations. That way we donít waste anything, including peopleís time.


Just click the little green box to choose a feature. For example, the Auto Start/Stop Function. Now, simply drag the cursor along the time bar to select the desired time. Once thatís done, just click GO. If thereís time to spare, select the 60-second animation. If there isnít, choose the 30-second version. And for those who feel like their bladder is about to burst, we suggest selecting the one-second version.

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