Launch and establish Koodo Mobile as the smart alternative to take a leadership position in the value wireless category in Canada.


A stripped down approach to mobility without email, TV or music. Talk and text – that’s it. With both pre-packaged combos and plans you can build yourself, Koodo offers consumers the chance to pay for only what they need and want.


Demographic/sweet spot: Generation Y. 21-30 years old. They’re no bullshit. Empowered. Use their social network and the web for purchasing decisions. They respect people, not authority. Haven’t known adult life without a cell phone.

Psychographic: The unbundled value seeker. These people find themselves frustrated by today’s telco world and feel that picking and choosing their telco providers à la carte without signing bundled or long-term contracts allows them the freedom to seek out the best deal and move around as they see fit.


By tapping into the current pop culture throw-back to all things retro, we've spoofed the 80s workout/health craze in both look and tone for launch. From testimonial-style ads to the inherent transparency of the nutrition label this gives us the perfect lexicon and visual language to communicate our simple offer. It also allows us to make it very clear both what we are and equally importantly, what we aren't. Fat-free mobility is here.

See below for some examples of the launch creative and brand pieces.

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