Campaign Description

The new Jack Astor’s website had a lot on its menu. Of course it had to give store locations, menus, contact information. But we also had to bring the experience – a laid back, occasionally loud, always friendly restaurant where people are welcome to draw on the kraft-paper tablecloths - of Jack Astor’s to life. Enter Hungry Man, a crayon-drawn, animated character who helped to communicate all of the above. Visitors to the site got to see many of the featured menu items up close and hear descriptions of their ingredients when they were encouraged to “feed” Hungry Man. They got a sense of the Jack’s experience after they fed him when, for example, he would catch on fire after a particularly hot serving of chicken wings. Jackastors.com gives people who’ve never been to Jack’s a taste of what they can expect when they walk in the door. Unless they expect a crudely drawn animated character to welcome them. In which case, it’s not exactly what they expect.


Click the FEED ME button and drag randomly selected menu items into his mouth to see one of the nine animations. Once the animation is over you can click FEED ME AGAIN to see other animations (two of the items are NOT available on the Jack’s menu for reasons that will become obvious). Click any of the various fields on the top right (Jobs, Philosophy) to see how the idea was integrated into more information-centric subpages.

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