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The D&AD Awards are synonymous with creative excellence. To win the coveted Pencil isn’t easy, but it is possible. So to motivate prospective entrants, we commissioned two viral short films that demonstrated the drive and determination one needs to quite literally “Make it a Pencil.”

The videos follow two world-renowned artists, Robyn Love and Miwa Takabayashi, as they attempt to create oversized Pencils using their specific crafts. In one video, we watch as Love knits a Pencil cozy for a 10,000-gallon water tower in the heart of Manhattan. And in the other, we follow Takabayashi as she creates an origami Pencil over 7-feet tall in Trafalgar Square.

The campaign was recognized in Creativity and The New York Times, and received thousands of hits on YouTube. Better yet, despite the economy, 75% of recipients entered work; included were entries from countries never before seen, like Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, and Oman – a true testament to the power of the Internet.