Campaign Description

The National Advertising Awards is a brief-based, Canadian advertising competition with the ultimate prize – a week in Cannes during the Advertising Festival. It’s the kind of brief most advertising people would love to spend their time working on. Unfortunately, real work often takes up most of that time.

To help alleviate some of the workload, we created the farcical Ad Generator microsite, billed as a “time-saving tool for the advertising professional”. By answering a few staggeringly simple questions, the Generator would create an entire ad campaign (or timesheet or media plan), and deliver it in a ready-to-go, client-friendly powerpoint presentation.

In its first couple weeks, the National Advertising Awards site – home of the Ad Generator – was inundated with more traffic than at any point in their history. One local car dealership owner (who missed the joke) called to request pricing to use one of the ads.


Once the initial voiceover is complete, users are prompted to choose what they would like to have generated. (“Advertising” has the most robust experience.) After making a few selections and typing in a product name, users were aamazed (and a little depressed) by how easily the Ad Generator creates the campaign.

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