Campaign Description

When you drive a car like the MINI, you want to push the limits. Straight, simple roads are fine for other cars, but the MINI needs roads that are as much fun to drive as the car itself. So, we created a campaign encouraging people to make driving more fun. All of the offline communications drove to a site where people could literally make the roads more exciting using Trackster, a program that allowed them to choose from a variety of obstacles to create the track of their dreams.


After a short introduction, MINI enthusiasts could make driving more fun by selecting obstacles to add to their track. Five of the obstacles were locked, but could be opened with a password sent out to all those who provided MINI with their names and email addresses (password: hairpin) After unlocking the bonus obstacles users could choose six of the nine total (highlights include ALIEN HOTTIES, LOOP-DE-LOOP and RING OF FIRE), hit the Tracksterize button and enjoy.

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