Campaign Description

These MINI banner ads and website leveraged the idea of the ‘MINI Test Drive Forever Plan’ campaign, a fun campaign that encouraged Canadians to take a MINI anytime, anywhere, for a never-ending Test-Drive. Of course, all they had to do was buy the car.

Consumers were urged to upload their own driving videos which were set against a MINI dashboard, so you could see how a MINI handled the running of the bulls. Or how it cornered a luge track. The best video, selected by a panel of highly discerning judges, got $500 in free MINI gear.


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The MINI Test Drive Forever Plan (MTDF)

It’s a fact that once people test-drive a MINI, they usually don’t want to drive anything else. Our number one task was to get people into the MINI retailers and behind the wheel of a MINI – after that, they’d be hooked.

With MINI’s trademark cheeky tonality, we created the MINI Test Drive Forever Plan, which explained that, though a half hour test drive in a MINI is a lot of fun, test driving one forever is even better. Radio spots and resto bar ads reminded people that continuously driving past your ex-girlfriend’s place is awkward in a regular test drive, as is christening the back seat. An online piece encouraged drivers to enter their most interesting MINI test drive (like, say, zooming down an esophagus.) All that’s required to enjoy the MINI Test Drive Forever Plan is to buy a MINI. Revolutionary.

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