A group of very loyal and generous Covenant House donors already exist, but with 10,000 homeless kids on the streets of Toronto every year, there is always a need for more. Most people in Toronto are aware of Covenant House and what they do, but Covenant’s limited budget makes it an ongoing challenge to convert that awareness into donations.
Put simply, Room Planner was created to attract new donors for Covenant House.  It was part of a larger campaign based on the line ‘kids don’t plan to live on the street’.  
One thing common across many Covenant House donors is an interest in home decorating.  Many are higher income families with the means to renovate more regularly than most, and thus have an ongoing interest in the subject. These people are used to being asked for donations by many different charities, and in that world, this was a very unique approach.  It was also a very relevant one given the cause. A street kid’s ‘perfect home’ is very different to those inhabited by our donors.
We created software to help people create their ‘perfect living space’ online. Banners advertising the software ran on all major home decorating and daily news websites, and took people through to the Room Planner site itself. From there, they were given the opportunity to make a donation.
The Room Planner site offers people the chance to experiment with room layouts virtually before having to move any real furniture.
To get the same experience users do, drag any icon onto the floor plan. All navigation will be self-explanatory from there. To donate if you continue planning, just roll over the Covenant House logo.

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