6.7 million uncovered
This is more than just another number. These are our neighbors, friends, and families living every day without health insurance. But can a health insurance company really be part of the solution? At Blue Shield of California, we believe everybody deserves proper health insurance.

That’s why in 2002, we became the first health plan provider to propose a strategy for universal coverage. And why we continue to promote the issue through transparent means like The Blue Shield Chatbox, and our events featuring hundreds of naked Blue Shield statues representing the “uncovered” Californians. These sculptures will hopefully raise awareness of the challenges with California health insurance.

Hopefully, by doing our part, we can elevate the debate, and encourage others, like you, to help cover the uninsured by speaking up and speaking out. And if you do feel so inclined, contact the following elected officials to make covering the uninsured a priority. Together, let’s shield California.
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